Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Jacob says, 'Yes!'.

Haven says, 'No!'.

Harrison says, "I want a cookie."

Heather and I both think, "Well...maybe we could..." or "But there isn't a...".

We had been hoping and praying for more - more clarity. As it is, if we drew a line, it would be right down the center.

The house we looked at, the one about which we got a phone call out of the blue after nearly a year of not hearing anything, is quite a bit smaller than ours. It doesn't even include a garage or cantina (storage room) in which to store the things we have here.

The yard is small, say 6' x 25' with a terrace that is only slightly bigger. I love the location, ground floor on a quiet, little main street, just meters from a little grocery store, butcher, panetteria, tabaccheria, bar (caffe) and post office. It is directly across the street from a school and a 3 minute walk from one of the main Catholic churches in the area. There is a park and ancient fort just a 5-minute walk away.

But...it is smaller, substantially smaller. We'll keep praying, but for now, we are content where we are and hoping that God would show us when, if ever, to shift out of neutral.

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Brian said...

We could always get rid of both our apartments and buy some big huge villa and have goats and chickens.