Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Can I vent? I get so tired when I hear criticism of how missions is being done. People talk in lofty terms about their missiology and I even find myself guilty occasionally of throwing words like contextualization and incarnational around tempted to feel like I have to follow the hippest trends. Our missions is too x. The way we view people groups is too y. Short term missions is too z.

Maybe I'm being too defensive, but if you can't work at fixing it, if you're not willing to immerse yourself in the 'problem' you're talking about, if you're comfortable sitting back and dissecting something theologically without getting your hands dirty do us all a favor and keep your mouth shut. Just keep busy loving people more. Don't bring someone down who is pouring their heart out for Jesus, doing the best they can. So what if their methods are old school? I say, if you disagree, just do it differently. Find what works and let your fruit do the talking. Until then, zip it.

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Brian Rotert said...

Oh my ... did I miss a staff meeting? :)

Just kidding - I hear you friend. Unfortunately it's something I'm all too often guilty of: pointing out a negative without having a positive alternative.