Friday, February 16, 2007

Jacob's Budgeting

My brother and sister-in-law, Tim & Shauna Casey, are coming to visit in June of this year and we are excited! We are in the process of planning our time together. Venice? Pisa? Stay here in Ancona? Jacob asked me this morning where we would go and when I mentioned the possibility of Mirabilandia, he asked me how much it would cost. I told him that it would be around 15 euro per person. He headed straight for Heather's desk and proceeded to make his calculations. He told me, 'Dad we need 105 Euro. We better start saving.'


Brian said...

Nice scanner!

Anonymous said...

Dear Jacob, I will begin saving a few dollars here to help out with the entrance fees to the park. Is it like Disneyland? I'll keep you posted on how much I have and you do the same. Love you, Grandmommy