Saturday, February 3, 2007

Not So Neutral

Well, we've continued to pray and we know lots of you have too. Heather has been doing lots of measuring, planning and thinking. I've taken some pictures and talked to the real-estate agent. We've asked for the garage to be included for extra storage. Sunday morning at 9:30 am we will be seeing the apartment again and meeting the landlord. We ask that you would continue praying with us for the following:
-favor with our current landlord
-finances involved

We'll update you here on the blog to let you know how it goes. I am nervous about it but feel confident that it would be a good move - giving us access to a house with a yard and terrace, a location which makes it much easier to get out and be with people, very close to a bus stop (same buses that come to our current apartment), as well as saving us a little bit of money each month.

Picture Info:
1st: the 3-story building, the one we're looking at takes up the ground floor

2nd: most of the yard - not big, but it would allow Heather to grow a small garden and at least give the kids something to play in

3rd: the terrace; the door there is the back-door which opens into the living/dining room


Casey Family said...

Sorry everyone for the formatting of this post - it is really awkward putting multiple pictures in there.

Emily said...

I'll be praying. Thanks for the pics!

Denise Beck said...

Is there room for Dylann?

Susan Casey said...

I see promise of lots of meals on the terrace!

Lynn Hodell said...

I was once asked if I knew the difference between a house and a home. Thinking I was so smart I answered. You rent a house and buy a home. WRONG!! She was a very wise teacher I had in high school. Her answer was. A house is a building A home is what you make it.
I have never doubted that where ever my Heather lived she would make it a home.
Praying God will make the path clear.
Lynn Hodell
proud Mom, Nana, and Mother-in-law

stephen said...

It looks like a very nice apartment. I will pray for you in this decsion.

-stephen lawson

Mo said...

Hey Jason! We'll definitely be praying for you guys here in Springfield. Kim says "Hi!"

Anonymous said...

Heather, my prayers are with you and Jason. I know for living in Europe before it is really nice to have your own private space. I will be praying for you as I know the Lord will be with you and Jason.

josh beck said...