Monday, October 29, 2007


I find that the longer I live in Italy, the more I slide toward the center when it comes to politics. I still maintain a strong conservative stripe, but I think my eyes have been opened a bit to seeing things from the other side.


Heather said...

brett told me about you guys coming up after the rally. we are so excited, we can hardly contain ourselves!

the don said...

liberal... whatever! ;)

ATOPOS said...

Hey there...
See, I understand what you mean. Of course I smoke joints and dont mind bad words and all.
But still, I dont belong to the progressist area, I dont like leftwing conformist idealistic whining which implies they're the best.
One example? Fascism, no one in Italy wants to go deep and be impartial about it.
I suppose they believe everyone was so stupid as to stay slaves for 33 years...No, I think we need to know the past better. And stop telling americans they're ignorant just because we walk our dogs amidst ruins.
The american people is way older than ours. As far as I know, we were born as a people on Jan. 10th 1954, the beginning of tv in Italy. (I know the date because my mother was born the same day...)