Sunday, November 11, 2007

Kelly of Boystown

One of the most powerful testimonies we heard at 'The Feast' in Seville was from a young woman named Kelly Greene. I may get some of the details mixed up - but I'll retell it as best I can.

After visiting a place called Boystown, just south of the Mexican border, Kelly began praying that God would send someone to go and reach out to the people there. Boystown is a government-sanctioned, walled-in area dedicated to prostitution and crack bars. God called her.

With no plan and no way of getting into Boystown, Kelly moved down from Tulsa, OK, and began prayer-walking around the walls of this red-light district. She did this for 15 months. She was finally able to meet someone who made it possible for her to get in and begin meeting some of the 200+ prostitutes, pimps, drug-dealers and bar owners that live there.

She does things like host women's spa days in the crack bars, showing the women inside the love of Jesus. She plays with the kids. She gives away flowers. She shares Christ with these hurting people. She's willing to go in where no one else is.

She has recently been given permission to build a center just outside the walls which will house a prayer room, a clinic and a nighttime daycare for the children of Boystown. It was so neat to hear her sharing her story and challenging us to consider where God is sending us. On Saturday night we got to talk with her and ask her more questions about her ministry there - we were really blessed to see and hear the faith and strength that God has given her to continue working there. For more info on Kelly, check out her blog at:

And be careful what you pray for...

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