Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Novel in Ninety

At any given time, I have a dozen ideas for stories, poems or articles in my head and if you catch me with a dazed look, it is likely due to the strain from trying to choose one and pursue it or else the effort it takes to categorize or file the idea for later.

There are a few people in my life, writers, real, published writers who have helped me see that writing is mostly about, well, writing. Writing talent is something you are born with, but the actual act of writing is a skill, or more accurately, a discipline.

So every once in a while I actually sit down and write something - but it usually ends up as a blog post, a poem, or a journal entry. And the ideas remain in my head. I read recently that it is often 'fear' that keeps one from writing...hmm...

My mother-in-law often encourages me to write and occasionally has purchased me writing magazines. In one of these I stumbled across this site: Very interesting...considering taking the dive...hmm...

P.S. The Not-A-FAQ is pretty amusing.

P.P.S. The opening line for one of my most recurring novel ideas is this: "I awoke buried to the waist in an Italian garbage dumb with a smile on my face. I was in love."