Wednesday, June 6, 2007

New Arrivals

Last Saturday, our 2007 Pathways team arrived in Ancona. The team is comprised of 4 people, Jen (trip leader), Rae, April and Brian. They will be helping us out until the first part of August. Please keep them in your prayers!

Then, last night at around 21:00, my brother, Tim, and his wife Shauna, arrived by train in Ancona! Two of their bags didn't show up and they had a train delay which meant they spent 9 hours getting from the airport in Rome to our house, but they are here and we are glad! To top it off, it was their Anniversary - we are touched that they would want to spend it with us.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome to Moe's! Bienvenuti a Ancona! Bienvenidos a la casa de los Casey en Italia!

Glad you got there OK, Tim & Shauna! Don't forget to record your first impressions of everything. When will you post some pictures?