Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ancona Team Retreat - Takeoff

At 20:00 we kicked off our retreat at our house. Jacob volunteered to take care of the kids while the adults shared a worship & prayer time. Here was his 'order of service':
-opening prayer
-icebreaker: what are you thankful for?
-sing three songs (in italian)
-Bible story
-coloring page
-closing prayer

Meanwhile, the adults (Heather & I, Brian & Heidi and Marcus), gathered to pray, sing and worship together. Afterwards, the guys and older kids went up to Forte Altavilla to lay on the grass and watch the shooting stars.

I'm excited about the next three days - there's lots to discuss. Tomorrow, Monday, we will be focusing on team building, looking at lots of things, among them some of Lencioni's principles of teamwork. Thanks for praying!


Amy Storms said...

What a precious boy you have. I do hope you plan to include coloring in the adults' retreat, too. :) We'll be praying.

April said...

I am so proud of Jacob! In many areas he is wise beyond his years. Tell the fam I said Hello! I miss you guys.