Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I have always prided myself on being somewhat of a nomad. Here's a list of the homes I've lived in throughout the 33 years of my life:

-apartment in Santiago (2 years)
-trailer in Lincoln, Illinois (2 years)
-red/white house in Santiago (1 year)
-wooden house in Santiago (1 year)
-Pepe Villa house in Santiago (7 years)
-Grandpa's house in Correctionville, Iowa (6 months)
-missions trailer in Joplin, MO (6 months)
-rented house in Santiago (3 months)
-208 S. 16th Street, Norfolk, Nebraska (1 year)
-508 S. 4th Street, Norfolk, Nebraska (4 years)
-1302 N. Florida, Joplin, Missouri (1 year)
-Boatman 2nd, Ozark Campus, Joplin, Missouri (off and on for 3 years)
-Trailer #6, Ozark Campus, Joplin, Missouri (2 years)
-apartment behind Saez house, Santiago, Chile (2 months)
-1101 Lone Star Drive, New Braunfels, Texas (4 months)
-apartment on Fir Road, Carthage, Missouri (7 months)
-house in Trillium Avenue, Louisville, Kentucky (6 months)
-Via Michelloti, 1, Perugia (15 months)
-Via del Conero 2/C, Ancona (7 years)
-Hop-Along-Hollow, Joplin (6 months)

OK - so that's 20 places. The longest I've ever been 'planted' is in the apartment we now call home. Seven years here. A couple of times over the last couple of years we've talked about moving to a new apartment with a yard but always come back to being grateful for what we have and made the best of it. For the record, it is a BEAUTIFUL place and we love it.

Yesterday afternoon the doorbell rang and my landlord walked in, his face long, sad. First words out of his mouth, "I have to tell you something you won't like."


"I need my apartment back."


"My son and his family need it so I need you to move out as soon as you can."

Gulp. "Do I have an option or is this for sure?"

"It's for sure. Take the time you need to find a place, but you need to move out."

As the door closed behind him I started looking around at this place that currently holds the record for the place I've lived the longest and I was filled with a certain sadness. Two of my kids were basically born in this home. We 'raised' this apartment from a bare-walled canvas with wires hanging from the ceiling to a colorful, warm, beautiful home.

'Tis the life of a missionary I guess - the nomadic one. And with that, 2008 becomes the year we move again.


alamedero said...


Well, let's hope your next place is better than this one.


Phil said...

Interesting blog, Jase. Do you want me to correct your misremembering?


Jason Casey said...

Please do!

Scott said...

dude... i feel your pain... your 7 years mirror our 7 years in Yunghe before we moved to Xindian where we live now... 2 kids born while there... the others knowing it as home... lived there longer than almost anywhere else in my life.

May God bless you as you go through this transition... make sure you don't minimize the importance of that place to your wife and kids...

Good news! God has already gone before you and know where you will live and is not confused or fazed by your landlord's need for his apartment back.


Heather said...

no way!! i can't believe it! we just signed a contract on an apartment and are now particularly thankful for the clause about how much notice he has to give us if he wants us out. is there anything like that in yours?