Saturday, March 8, 2008

Grape Fanta

After school today we took the kids on a 'Baraccola run' which means a quick trip to the outskirts of Ancona where the bigger shopping stores are. We stopped by IKEA for a quick (cheap!) lunch and ran into Novella and Giulia who joined us. We exchanged something and then ran by the toy store to see if they had a game that Jacob has been playing at school - they did, but it was too expensive and a different version. We decided to stop at the Auchan to see if they had it so we parked and Jacob and I ran in. They didn't have the game but we needed to pick up some flowers for our former neighbor, Lilli, who we are going to visit tomorrow afternoon. As we headed to the back corner of the store we passed a small display of international foods and my instincts told me to stop and look closer. I did, and this is what I saw:
Two rows of them. 1.79 euros each. I grabbed a half-dozen. Jacob grabbed one. Together with a dozen yellow roses, we had what we needed. We paid and were gone. On the way home we guzzled our Grape Fanta, wishing it was Welch's, but grateful for a little piece of 'home'.

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Karl said...

Mm....grape fanta. The best type.