Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Pictures of Youth Retreat

Thought you all might like to see what an Italian youth retreat looks like...

Sitting around in the dining/gathering room.

Painter friend Alba next to Giorgia who was the co-planner.

Shots from the Youth Prayer Room...

The retreat was held at a converted country villa 30 minutes outside of Bari; it is open to any Evangelical church in the area for concerts, camps, and retreats.

The theme was 'I Believe I Can Fly' and I spoke on 'I believe in the Holy Spirit'.

Group shot. There were youth represented from Latina, Ciampino, Francavilla, Latiano, Bari, Ancona and Bitonto.

GQ shot of Gianni Bruno (missionary working in Francavilla); Brian Rotert and Maurizio, a believer from the church in Bari.

We were refreshed by worshipping together, led by Carlo (co-organizer) at the keyboard.

There was lots of down time to get to know each other, relax and play games.

The moms took turns watching the kids. They all had fun exploring the grounds. It was cool for us to see some of the missionary kids getting to know each other.


Anonymous said...

Jason, Thanks for posting so many pictures, so many faces I know, and great to see Giorgia as a growing up leader!!

Anonymous said...

awh, you got to see gianni bruno. how fun. it looks like a really cool retreat.