Thursday, July 3, 2008

Wasps, Overgeneralizations and Clam-loving Three-year-olds

Want a little peek into our day? Thursday mornings are "Girl's Morning Out" - Heather, Heidi and Jen went out for coffee and accountability and fellowship. Meanwhile, the kids worked on homeschool and chores and we began studying the States and Capitals. For lunch I warmed up leftovers. "Of what?" you may ask. Of Heather's first-ever attempt at fixing seafood. Well, other than tuna fish sandwiches (for me) or fish sticks (for the kids). She made spaghetti alle vongole. (little clams steamed in oil, white wine and garlic and added to fresh spaghetti) Out of the park, delicious. The kids and I love was a kick for us to watch them devour it, especially Harrison.

I picked up my scooter today...grr... It is SO efficient having a scooter here - a gallon of gas ($10 US) will get me by for 10 days' worth of driving and you never have to pay for parking. The seat was torn and falling apart so I took it in a couple of weeks ago to see how much it cost - 50 be recovered by a guy who normally does seat covers for sailboats. That's quite a bit of money, but we had a little money set aside so I said go ahead. So, I picked it up last week - and was informed that it was time for the bi-annual revision which meant it needed new tires and a brake pad. Gulp. So, I pay my due and drive it home only to find two days later, the back tire completely flat. Where was I? Oh yeah, I picked up my scooter today...again.

On the way home I stopped by the bank to make a deposit and while sitting there I watched the lady who stocks the shelves (they sell all kinds of gift items) get frustrated by a little Ukranian boy who kept walking around and looking at the toys and books for sale. She made faces and even called the mom down for not having control of her son. As I left, I overheard her telling an older Italian man - "It's always the foreigners! Always the foreigners!" Deep breath - keep your calm, Jason.

Then, when I got home, Heather said she thought we had wasps building a nest in our bedroom. Huh? Well, she was right. Behind our dresser we found the beginnings of a wasp nest - Jacob and I destroyed it - crisis averted.

The rest of the evening Haven will be celebrating her Cabbage Patch Doll's birthday. JayLynn is two years old today. Marcus pronounces it, "Jay-lay-en" - Southwest Missouri-style. Chloe Rotert is bringing her doll over for the overnight party. I may make some cookies. Jacob and Harrison made me drag out the old hamster cages from storage and they are putting them together - they have saved up enough to buy a couple.

It is about 90 degrees in our house right now- trying not to use the A/C - but boy is it a temptation. What's going on in your world today?


Tim and Shauna said...

Well.....we are working on moving. But we would rather be eating Heather's clam pasta. Sounds yummy!!! Other than that, we are just trying not to over stress and taking care of Tucker-Bug.

Amy Storms said...

I am sorry about the finances and the repairs. That just stinks! Our AC is broken and it's 110 outside. It broke two days ago, and the repairman came today and said we need a whole new unit...which can't be installed until Wednesday. Holy cow. Not sure if we should sweat to death or sell a child to pay for it. Your advice?

And about David Beckham. Ahem. You'd better ask Heather. I bet she knows.