Friday, September 12, 2008

Bitter Grapes

The other night our family visited the nearby town of Camerano with our intern, Jen, to take in the yearly Festa del Rosso Conero. The Rosso Conero is a red wine produced in the Marchegian hills that surround Ancona. The festival includes concerts, specialty food stands (piadine, olive ascolane and of course, wine), and craft booths. We had been several years ago but this time it was quite a bit bigger. We had fun walking through the little streets of the city center and taking in the sights, sounds and tastes.

Some of our best Italian friends live in this town. They are, in fact, the first friends we made in Ancona. I was hoping to reconnect with them since we hadn't seen each other in quite a while. Bad news. I called them and found out they separated recently. Kind of put a damper on the evening for me, but we still enjoyed the festa. Wish you had been there!

Check out the pictures and video below!

Haven and Harrison posing in the cantina

Isn't Heather the cutest?

Some of the workers posed for us in their 'contadini' hats

Camerano's central piazza

A little clip of some street in Italy is NOT like this every day...


alamedero said...

OK, I'm thirsty.

So which is the nearest airport?



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