Friday, June 12, 2009

It's been a good furlough...

Well, we're packing up and tying up loose ends here in the heart of Texas. It has been a wonderful couple of weeks here - in between meetings, dinners, preaching and preparing - we've been able to spend lots of good time with Heather's family. Harrison and 'Nana' are on a date right now - lunch and the snake farm. :)

We want to say 'thanks' to all of you who made this a great furlough. Many of you have provided housing, meals, encouragement, a listening ear, a vehicle, gas money, coffee, laughs, affirmation, counsel, rides to/from airports, gifts, books,, if I were a detail person and had kept track...the list would be long.

While nothing like the uber-crazy furlough schedule I remember as a child, we did make it into 10 states, spoke with groups or representatives from eight churches, added a beautiful girl to our family, had a great experience being on campus at Ozark Christian College, saw lots of family and several old friends and were reminded that sometimes (maybe always?) God desires us to embrace the gray ambiguity of his will.

Our church in Ancona has grown a little in number and from the sound of it, a lot in terms of ownership. Our team is spread out - several in the U.S., one getting married. The Crossers are back in Italy, actually moving to Verona today. We leave Sunday morning and fly through Chicago and Munich before landing Monday afternoon in Ancona to what has all the makings of a little jet-lag-fuelled part-ay.

Our intent is to spend the next two (maybe three) years transitioning the leadership of this church to its members. We hope to spend the bulk of our team discipling and training, helping people live, grow and use their gifts in community to build up the Body in Ancona. We SO appreciate your partnership with us in this ministry - whether that be through prayer, financial support or other forms of encouragement. We need you and thank you for your part! We covet your prayers for safety and smooth transitions but if you must choose one thing to pray for - pray for this:

The coming of His Kingdom in Ancona, for the church to rise up, for open doors, for qualitative growth, and for fruit in the work our Father has called us to.

Love like Jesus,

Jason, Heather, Jacob, Haven, Harrison & Jenova (aka Jena-bean; J-Lu; Lucy)

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