Monday, July 16, 2018


One of our company's values is being a positive, transformative presence.  This has applications both here, internally and as we interact with vendors and clients, outwardly.  If this value is present, then every time I interact with you, you will feel honored, listened to, cared for and you will leave better off than when we interacted.  One of the pillars of being a positive, transformative presence is humility.

A good definition for humility is: not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less.  (I believe this comes from Rick Warren.)  Many, many people get this wrong or backwards.  Humility can be seen in lots of ways in our day to day interaction: who jumps on the phone, who offers to wash the dishes, who hops up to install the job no one wants to or meet on a Saturday or after hours.  Humility is thinking about the people around you more than yourself and positioning yourself in such a way that you can help, serve and encourage them.  It’s easy to see, but takes discipline to develop into a habit.  At its core, it’s rooted in a healthy understanding  that you, are NOT, at the center of the universe.

Understanding this and practicing this allows us to be be confident and clear when people ask us about Hodell.  Humility doesn't mean we are groveling people with eyes cast to the ground.  We aren’t, however, bragging or showing off either.  Humility means being confident in knowing who we are and choosing to put ourselves and our needs second to those we interact with.  "Hodell is Here" means that interacting with us won’t be about us, our needs, tooting our own horn.  "Hodell is Here" means they will be interacting with a group of people committed to putting them and their needs above our own.

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