Tuesday, February 6, 2007

To Move or Not to Move

Sunday morning we pulled up in front of the apartment a few minutes early and by the time we were all five out of the car, Harrison in stroller, hats and scarves in place, the landlord and realtor were standing outside the building. We greeted the owner of the apartment, a simple, soft-spoken man in his fifties. We waited around while they tried to open the doors and were soon told that they couldn't open it!? Soooo...we stood on the terrace and I went down our list of questions. We talked a little bit about details and possibilities. He told us that the garage wouldn't be immediately, if ever, available. Heather peeked in the window and the living room was smaller than she remembered.

So where are we now on this decision? Pretty torn. Here are our action steps:
-involve YOU, our friends, supporters and family
-continue asking God for wisdom
-talk to our landlord (tonight - Tuesday)
-go see it one more time when the key/door is fixed

Thanks for your prayers - we'll keep you 'posted'.

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