Friday, October 19, 2007

Safely in Seville

We landed 15 minutes ahead of schedule in Seville´s little airport at 8:35 this morning. After getting our bags we walked out into the airport lobby and saw a young guy, Jim, holding a 24/7 sign. Next to him was an older gentleman whom we later found out is from Switzerland. His name is Urs and he started a 24/7 prayer movement in his home country 30 years ago and just recently found out about this movement and the Lord led him to The Feast here in Seville. Jim didn´t know where our hostel was so he dropped us off at Plaza de Armas and we found it without too much trouble, Heather and I pretending that we were in the Amazing Race. ("Hurry up, Victoria!") We tried our hand at a Spanish breakfast and ended up with two different-sized caffe con leches along with an order of mini-churros with sugar sprinkled on top. It is weird and crazy and fun being in a country where I understand what I see and hear but can´t form phrases very well anymore. It is coming back already though. OK, now we´re heading back to check-in (the hostel room wasn´t ready) and then we have the afternoon to go see the world´s 3rd largest Cathedral and some other sites here in Seville. The first session starts tonight at 19:00. Hasta luego!

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Tim and Shauna said...

oh, Victoria. I was glad to hear that you had a great time. love to hear more about it sometime.