Friday, October 12, 2007

WHERE Is Your Mother?

Remember those commercials? Whew, it has been a long week without Heather here, but the kids and I have done well and I've enjoyed the extra time with them. We miss her though and are ready for her to be home.

Right before Heather left last week, we switched some furniture around in our living room. The armoire where we keep the TV is now on the south wall. This is an external wall with the only neighbors being downstairs - which allows me to relax more about the volume level.

Earlier this week, Telecom Italia sent out a technician to install 'Alice TV' which is an internet-based TV service they are offering for free. One of the cool things they offer is concerts. So tonight, while I put the final touches on this Sunday's sermon on James 2 (favoritism), I'm listening/watching the Rai National Symphonic Orchestra perform one of my favorite classical pieces - Ravel's Bolero.

Heather's doing well - haven't heard much from her because she is in rural Romania and has been having email problems. She and Heidi have been able to see where Heather Wimsett lives and works, meet the people that she knows, experience Romanian culture and even visit Dracula's castle. I'll try to get her to post a summary on here.

34 more hours, but who's counting? Heather is truly amazing - loving mother, affectionate wife, Godly woman, great cook, creative decorator, among other traits. This week has reminded me how much I often take her for granted.

Tonight, Maurizio came over for dinner and after the craziness of fixing dinner, setting the table, eating, getting two kids in the bath, the other in the shower, laying out pajamas, setting backpacks by the door with snacks in them, all while entertaining Maurizio and trying to get coffee going, Harrison went to the bathroom in the bathtub, the kind that requires some level of attention. As I hollered for Maurizio to stay away and to Jacob to get out of the shower so I could have enough water pressure to clean up the mess I took a deep breath and thought to myself, 'WHERE is your mother?'.

And I won't go.
I won't sleep.
And I can't breathe,
Until you're resting here with me.

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stephanie garcia said...

Last year, my husband sent me off to Peru for eight days while he stayed home with our then- 5 year old, 4 year old, and under 1 year old ... He definitely empathizes with you! (: