Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Day in the Life of a Thanksgiving in Italy

Step 1: Make all the delicious family Thanksgiving recipes including: the main course - turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, gravy, cranberry sauce (imported), rolls, green bean casserole, etc.

Step 2: Make the precious, famous Casey

Step 3: Realize that you are out of sage and forgot that they sell sweet potatoes in a couple of stores so send your husband out in the freezing fog on his scooter to find them.

Step 4: Wash, peel and cook fresh, white sweet potatoes.

Step 5: Enlist the help of your youngest son and frantically mop the living room and clean at least one bathroom while stuffing anything loose into the bedroom.

Step 6: Take freshly butchered turkey out of plastic bag and prep it for the oven.

Step 7: Pumpkin pie time!

Step 8: Set the table.

Step 9: Remove deliciousness from the oven.

Step 10: Walk down to the school to get Jacob and Haven and have them put their coats and scarves and backpacks away and wash their hands.

Step 11: Carve turkey. I'm horrible at this. But it is DELICIOUS.

Step 12: Go around and share what you're grateful for. Eat and laugh and take a group picture.

Step 13: After pie and coffee, play PIT!


Amy Storms said...

The dinner looks great, the house is beautiful,and I love--LOVE--to play PIT! :)

But I need to go lift some weights so I can beat Heidi when we visit....

Heather said...

pregnant ladies, i need to go check another blog...

Heather said...

okay, but heather, seriously, you made all the thanksgiving food and still had enough energy to play pit and armwrestle? i made 2 sidedishes and a pie and was exhausted. and i didn't even host it! you amaze me!

Anonymous said...

It's neat to see you follow on family customs! That's my girl--you rock! (Oh, and Jase, she couldn't have done it without you! (-: