Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A Guy Named Urs

He was the first one we talked to upon arriving in Seville for the 24/7 Prayer 'Feast'. He boarded the plane in front of us in Milan and we didn't know we were heading to the same destination. Older guy, longer, thinning hair, glasses, he carried a small suitcase with some sort of sheepskin rug draped over the top. He stood waiting with a British guy named Jim with a sign displaying our name, ready to ride into downtown Seville. As we walked to the car, he introduced himself as Urs, currently living in southern, Italian-speaking Switzerland after having grown up in the northern part of the country and living and ministering in Spain for a few years. He had started a 24/7 prayer movement years before upon his own response to the Lord's leading and had just recently picked up a copy of 'Red Moon Rising' and found out about the folks at 24/7. Quirky sense of humor, a quick mind and a passion for prayer, this was our introduction to the people involved in this movement.

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