Monday, March 1, 2010

Hungary Trip: Day 1

Travel to Trieste

We ended up leaving town at 10:00 am after making a quick trip to our church facility where we dropped off supplies for the next two Sunday’s worth of craft materials for the little kids’ class.

We just got our car back on Friday and it was clean and ready to go. We took our time, stopping for a Burger King lunch in Ferrara (Matteo’s hometown) and arriving at our Holiday Inn at around 16:00. Nice facility –great price – great rooms.

We cleaned up and headed right back out to check out downtown Trieste. The guy behind the front counter insisted that it was a beautiful 15 minute drive down a coastal, cliff-side highway. It took five times that long…but it WAS beautiful. We could see the very northern end of the Adriatic Sea as it filled the bay that was made up by the coasts of Italy, Slovenia and Croatia.

As it neared Jenova’s dinner time, Mommy’s nerves were getting rattled (as the big kids fought over who found the ‘Q’ first) but Daddy’s determination that we eat in Trieste’s beautiful centro storico won out. We parked at the train station parking complex and walked a mile or

two to the main square. We then walked and walked, looking for a restaurant (reminds me of downtown Milan – tons of shopping and NO restaurants!). Then, finally, the word pizzeria appeared and within minutes we were crammed around a little table and could finally enjoy a nice plate of pasta.

After getting some snacks for the room at a little grocery, we wound our way back to the train station, realizing that the nighttime downtown of Trieste isn’t as kid-friendly as the daytime version. We snapped this quick shot of the family on the way.

Glad to be back in our car, we drove back up the hill to our hotel and crashed for the evening.

Half-way done. Tomorrow we drive the rest of the way to Sopron, Hungary.

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