Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hungary Trip: Day 7

Conference Day 5/Travel to Budapest

Just a quick update. The morning included breakfast and dropping the kids off at their classes. The adults had a worship time and then we prayed for our kids. So cool.

We had to be out of our room by 11:00 so we packed quickly and made it in time for the last main session by Dr. Egeler - very moving stories. I was challenged by the thought that the health of our family is the hub of our 'ministry' wheel - and that the healthier it is, the further reach we have. Too often we wrestle with balancing family and ministry when the balancing act is not only useless, it is unhealthy. Family comes first - and out of that comes ministry.

All the kids (not teens) setting up for the performance.

Then it was time for the kids to put on a final performance for the parents - very neat - a final slideshow of the professional pictures taken during the week and a group photo. We ate one final lunch together and connected with an Australian family that made us wish we had had more time! We said goodbye to everyone and the kids, sadly, loaded up in the van and we took off.

Jacob and his rapping buddy.

It took us about three hours to get to Budapest and we followed the GPS instructions to the address of the apartment we are sharing with my brother and sister-in-law only to find out that there are over a dozen districts in the city, each with the name of this street we were on! After some asking around and creative investigation, we finally found it and were able to throw our arms around Chris & Aubri after nearly a year of not seeing them.

The kids are so happy to see them. We unloaded our stuff into a beautiful (and cheap) apartment and then headed out to eat some very authentic Hungarian KFC. The kids are now asleep and we just wrapped up a long session of talking and catching up and are headed to bed.

Thanks so much for your prayers this week. It was more than what we were hoping for - our hearts are light, our heads are full, our spirits are high. God is so good. We move forward into this chapter of our lives confident He will lead us and that He loves our kids even more than we do.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates. Sounds like a very busy week.

Denise Beck said...

That is the best picture I have seen in a long time. A room full of people we love and miss.