Monday, September 17, 2007

First Day in a New Class in a New School

School is back in session in Ancona. Yes, that's right. School started today, September 17th. Haven began her elementary education by being the first to school. She got to pick which desk would be hers. Jacob started his 4th grade year at the same, new school and entered a class with 14 boys and 6 girls. We decided to switch schools this year so that the kids would be done each day (including Saturday!) at 13:00 (that's 1 pm). This way, Heather can supplement their Italian education with some American/English homeschool in the afternoons. They both gave the first day a positive review, although Jacob's was much less enthusiastic than his sister's bubbly, effervescent version. On top of the regular subjects (math, language, grammar, science, religion and computers) they will be participating in Music and Chess classes. We also hope to be able to afford to let them attend dance classes (Jacob chooses Hip-Hop and Haven ballet). To those of you who know me, Jason, you might be asking yourself, 'dancing?'. And I would agree. I have no skill whatsoever. None. They get it, thankfully, from their mother.

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Phil said...

Glad you're carrying on the tradition of first-day-of-school pictures! Tell Jacob and Haven that Tata and Grandmommy are very proud of them!