Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Top 10 Differences Between Camping in Italy & the U.S.

10. No building campfires.
9. There is a quiet hour from 2-4 pm where you can't even drive your car in the campground.
8. Even the pool closes down during the quiet time.
7. In the evening there is corporate dancing to loud techno/pop music.
6. There is a bar on-site where you can get a shot of whiskey or a stout espresso.
5. You can order fresh pasta at the bar to be ready the next day.
4. Even while camping, the main dish eaten is...pasta. (No Dutch girls, hamburgers, hot dogs, etc.) (The picture at right is of an Italian vending machine - olives available!)
3. 95% of campers are in campers (as opposed to tents).
2. Most campers are 'seasonal' campers which means they are there for the WHOLE summer season - they even bring major appliances and do landscaping around their campers!

1. And the number one reason camping in Italy is different than in the U.S. ... they all wear bathrobes to the bathroom!

MY favorite part of our last camping adventure was getting to stop by the nearby UPIM store.
(This is for Heidi :) )

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Amy Storms said...

Most of our family camping adventures make me want to drink, so the whiskey would come in handy. But the techno music would be the end for me.

We made Ramen noodles on a camping trip once. Does that count as pasta? :)

Tell Heather THANK YOU for the postcard! We love you guys!!