Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mechanically-Inclined Individuals Everywhere, Lend Me Your Ears...

Make: Renault
Model: Scenic
Year: 1997
Other: Standard transmission, front-wheel drive.
Symptom: When I get into 3rd gear or higher and my RPMs get up above 2000 there is a loud whirring sound which doesn't seem to get louder whether the windows are up or down. Even when I slow down, it remains loud until I get under 2000 rpms or so. The only other thing I can think of is that it seems to get slightly louder if I'm turning to the right and only slightly so if I'm turning left.

We dropped Marcus and his parents off at the airport this morning at 5:00. While speaking to his father, Richard, he suggested maybe a bearing? Anyone else out there care to venture a guess before I take it to the mechanic?

Marcus, you will be missed! Get some rest, raise some funds and get back over here!

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Johann said...

Sorry man, I wish I could help you. I'll pray though!